Welcome to my random server


The different webs – Explains the differences between the surface web, deep web, dark web, and dark net.

PDF Gallery – A collection of PDFs about cyber security, linux, programing, etc.

Pictures – Pictures ranging from wallpaper to user profile pictures.

Files – An accumulation of files I actively want to promote. You can find other files at ftp.randomserver.xyz.

Useful Links – A list of URLs that lead to useful websites containing tools and much more.

Art – Digital or drawn art that I have created.

Project Tracker - A list of my projects and their current status.

Custom Unix Terminal - Contains the configurations that I use for the terminal's style and behavior, both on my Mac and Linux devices. It also listed all of the programs that I find useful or good to have at a second's notice, installable via a package manager.


Private Bin – A minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.

Cryptpad – Collaboration suite, encrypted and open-source.