Spanish Vocabulary Packet

This is a 32 paged packet created from the accumulation of 3 years worth of Spanish classes. I created it as a way to help myself study and keep everything in a neat organized location. I am allowing anyone who wishes to have a guide/tool to help them in their quest to learn Spanish, to download the pdf or the word document of the packet. If while using this packet and you find any information, vocabulary, grammar, etc., that is incorrect or that there is a formatting error, feel free to let me know via the feedback option on the home screen of the website. The only things that I ask is that you do not remove the name above "Owner", remove or change the author's name, and claim that you were the one that created the document. Other than that, I hope this helps you along the way. :)

Spanish Year 1-3 Cover.png

View pdf: Spanish Vocabulary PDF

Download pdf: Spanish Vocabulary PDF

Download Word Doc.: Spanish Vocabulary Word Document